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Research Computer Centre

Laboratory of Automated Image Processing Systems
tel: +7(495)939-2759, fax: +7(495)939-2768
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Cooperation with other Institutions
  • Scientists and organizations with the purpose of holograms perfection and realization are invited for cooperation

  • Flat computer optical elements developed by the laboratory are used for counterfeit protection. The main partner in this field is GOZNAK.

  • Mathematical modeling and methods for solving invrse problems of 3D ultrasonic tomography are developed in cooperation with the Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

  • NEW! Russian Science Foundation project No. 17-11-01065 «Development of low-frequency 3D ultrasonic tomography methods using GPU supercomputers»

  • Grant RFBR. # 12-07-00304-Ó źDevelopment of methods to solve non-linear 3D coefficient inverse problems of wave tomography on supercomputers╗

  • Grant RFBR. # 13-07-00824 └ źDevelopment of highly scalable methods of simulation of ultrasonic wave propagation, including attenuation, in mechanics of continua on petaflops-scale supercomputers╗

  • Government contract ╣ 07.514.12.4024 "Creation of super-scalable application software for medical ultrasonic imaging on petaflops-scale supercomputers"